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International artist Melissa Hin brings art to all ages as she presents her "ALL ABOUT ART" instructional series. 





K-12 students will explore various aspects of art presented in a fun instructional environment designed to promote social, emotional, and cognitive growth.  Starting with basic skill instruction students will build on their own art ability and imagination to create beautiful and unique works of art. Melissa will guide your students through each instructional setting, step by step, as each student creates their very own masterpieces. Choose just one or all five programs – each addressing various components of art instruction.  


‘ALL ABOUT COLOR’ – 3 sessions, each 60 min. instruction

What is color and where does it come from? Students will have fun learning all about primary, secondary, and complimentary colors. We explore the effects that colors have in relation to each other and the viewer. Grade level projects may include: 1.Create your own color wheel 2.Whimsical paper sculpture 3.All about color mixed media project or painting.


‘ALL ABOUT STILL LIFE’ – 3 sessions, each 60 min. instruction

Still life paintings show us a new way of looking at ordinary objects around us. Students will explore ‘Still Life' in traditional art. Emphasis will be on drawing basic shapes and transforming shapes into 3D drawings.  In applying simple shadowing and shading students will learn to bring shapes to life!  Grade level projects may include: 1.Shapes, shadows, and shading instructional pencil drawing 2.Draw your Own still life in colored pencil draw along X 2 sessions.


‘ALL ABOUT LANDSCAPE’ – 3 sessions, each 60 min. instruction

A beautiful painting of nature is known to enhance a feeling of wellbeing in the painter and the viewer. Students will explore elements of landscape drawing/painting including one point perspective, cool/warm colors, and composition.  Grade level projects may include: 1.One Point Perspective Drawing 2.Simple cityscape drawing 3.Paint along landscape painting.


‘ALL ABOUT IMPRESSIONISM’ – 3 sessions, each 60 min. instruction

Originating in France in the 1860’s, Impressionistic art seeks to capture a feeling or experience in a moment of time. Students will study Claude Monet and the impressionistic style of painting. Grade level projects may include: 1.Japanese bridge mixed media painting 2.Small Impressionistic paint along 3.Small impressionistic paint along painting.


‘ALL ABOUT MODERN ART’ – 3 sessions, each 60 min. instruction

Modern art is described as art produced primarily during the 1860’s and 1970’s in the spirit of experimentation. Each session will focus on one artist and their avant-garde techniques.  Grade level projects may include the study of: 1.Pablo Picasso / Cubism 2.Georges Seurat / Pointillism 3.Jackson Pollock / Abstract expressionism.


'Parent / Child Paint-A-Long' - 2 hr instructional session

Kick back, Relax and let your creative spirit shine!!!  Create your own masterpiece as parent and student are instructed step by step in the painting process. "Owl Always Love You" is a fun interactive family paint-along experience.  While parent and student individually paint their own canvas the creative composition is meant to be united and then displayed together.  LOTS of FUN for everyone!!!! No painting experience required. This is meant te be an afterschool cooperative parent/child experience.



Please contact Melissa Hin @ 631-219-7107 for pricing of events




Art Education for your Middle School / H.S. Student .... 5th-12th grade students will explore various forms of modern art including Pointillism, Cubism, Abstract expressionism, and Pop Art!!!  Learn all about Seurat, Picasso, Pollock, , and Warhol.  No previous art instruction required ... each student will receive instruction based on heir ability... in a fun and friendly studio environment!!!!!   
$145.00 per student includes all 4 days of camp.

Future Dates to be announced!!!! Please send me a message.